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Saudi Emirates Pulverization Industries Company (SEPICO) is a subsidiary of RTE Group and is a leading regional producer and supplier of custom-processed materials and chemicals essential to drilling operations. SEPICO facility is API Certified for the manufacture of Bentonite and Barite and maintains a fully implemented and audited ISO 9001 Quality Management program.

SEPICO product line includes its core business of manufacture and supply of bentonite clay and barite to major drilling operators in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Additionally, SEPICO manufactures and supplies a diverse range of Lost Circulation Materials, minerals, drilling salts and other mud additives.

The facility has three separate production sites for processing, as well as ample covered warehouses for finished goods.

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Storage and Handling Facilities

RTE owns a 120000 m2 materials storage and handling facility in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia. This facility has the capacity to safely store large quantities of chemicals, as well as holds large silos for liquid and powder chemicals.

Additionally, RTE maintains a warehouse facility in Dubai, UAE which supports RTE regional business and provides excellent logistical capabilities.

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